MAP Program

Structured, Comprehensive, Curriculum-based, A-Z Approach

The TAAG MAP Program is highly individualized, structured, comprehensive, curriculum-based advising program which guides MBA candidates through the complete admission lifecycle — from answering “Is an MBA Right for Me?” to final admission decisions.

All MAP options are built on a foundation of the following core areas:

Candidate Discovery and Assessment

This includes a series of structured, curriculum-based written exercises and advising sessions that reflect the 7 Key Priorities™ of highly selective admission committees.  Laying the foundation, this phase will enable you to explore, define, and refine a profile of your strengths, weaknesses, personal insights, and career aspirations.  You will find that this process of self-discovery – with experienced guidance and advising – will enable you to confidently “tell your story,” which naturally leads to more effective and successful applications.

MAP Profile Development

You and your advisor will construct a detailed profile of your candidacy based on the key findings above, complete with specific anecdotes to illustrate strengths, weaknesses, and key lessons learned

Application Strategy and School Selection

You and your advisor will discuss the appropriate “fit” between you and the schools under consideration to develop a school strategy that makes sense for you.  Your advisor will also help you: (a) understand the purpose and meaning of the application questions; and (b) translate your MAP Profile and the messages you hope to communicate to each school.

Application Forms and Resume

Your advisor will work with you on every part of the application forms and help you develop a robust resume.

Essay Critique

Your advisor will review and give specific feedback on multiple drafts of your short and long form essays. 

Recommendation Strategy and Advising for Recommenders

Your advisor will help you carefully review all of your options for selecting and managing your recommenders, and develop an effective strategy for your recommendations with respect to each school’s requirements. 


Your advisor can work with you one-on-one to review best interview practices and rehearse common and/or difficult interview questions. We will also simulate a mock interview with actionable verbal and written feedback before your real interview.


Includes as many advising sessions as necessary to complete up to five (5) MBA applications.

Additional counseling sessions and schools may be added.


includes advising to complete three (3) MBA applications, with up to 30 hours of counsellng.

Additional counseling sessions and schools may be added.


MAP ESSENTIAL includes advising to complete one (1) MBA application to an MBA program of your choice, with up to 20 hours of counseling.

Additional counseling sessions and schools may be added to any of the MAP options above. MAP Program fees for 2024-2025 range from $8,995 to $17,995 USD.