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Welcome!  Below you will find useful information on a variety of topics as you journey through the MBA application process.  Please contact your advisor if you have any specific questions. 

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 MBA Interview Preparation

The MBA interview is a critical component of the decision-making admission process.  To successfully navigate the variety of interview processes at different schools, it is important to understand not only the basics of MBA interviews, but also learn how to articulate your story and background in an effective, appropriate way for Admission Committees.

 Recommendation Strategy

Selecting, managing, and supporting your recommenders are important steps in the application process.  Your recommenders will be sharing stories and insights about you to the Admission Committees – stories about you from third party individuals who know you well – and can therefore be of tremendous value in championing your candidacy in the admission process.

 Resume Development

Graduate school admission committees require applicants to submit a resume as part of the documents necessary to complete the admission process.  Keep in mind that the resume for graduate school (academic focus) is different than a resume submitted for a job (professional focus).  As a TAAG client, we will provide you with resources for creating a resume that is a polished, authentic representation of you and your accomplishments across academic, professional, and personal components of your life.

Waitlist Strategy

Are you on the waitlist for your dream school?  Your TAAG advisor will empathize and strategize with you to create a series of actionable steps, including waitlist instruction analysis, creating compelling and appropriately timely updates to the AdCom about your most recent accomplishments, to maximize your chances of being admitted.