A La Carte Services

MBA Hourly Services

This option is best for candidates who want to discuss specific MBA admission-related topics on an “as needed” basis. Topics of advising may include:

  • AdCom Perspective on a Near-Final Application
  • Application Strategy and School Selection
  • Essay Review and Critique
  • Application Forms Review and Critique
  • Resume Critique
  • MBA Interview Practice: In one-on-one sessions, your advisor will review with you best interview practices and rehearse common and/or difficult interview questions, customized by school. Post-interview, your advisor can also help you debrief and prepare for any follow up that is necessary.
  • Waitlist Strategy: If you are on the wait list for your dream school, your TAAG advisor will strategize with you to create a series of actionable steps, including compelling updates to the AdCom, to maximize your chances of being admitted.

MBA Hourly Service fee is $525 USD per hour.

TAAG MBA Interview Preparation

The MBA interview is a critical component of the decision-making process.  To successfully navigate the variety of interview processes at different schools, it is important not only to understand the basics of MBA interviews, but also learn how to articulate your story and background in an effective way.

Interview Practicum

Your advisor will review with you best interview practices and also rehearse common/difficult questions.

Mock Interview – Two-on-One Simulation

In a 75-minute session, two TAAG advisors will simulate a mock interview with you over video or telephone conference.  Together they will provide verbal feedback immediately following the mock interview.  You will receive written prescriptive feedback as well.

Post-Interview Follow-Up

Your advisor will help you debrief after your real interview and strategize how to approach any post-interview follow-up.

Interview prep fees for 2024-2025 are:

MBA Interview Prep (Practicum + Mock Interview): $995 USD
Stanford Interview Prep (Practicum + Mock Interview): $1,095 USD
HBS Interview Prep (Practicum + Mock Interview + Post-Interview Feedback): $1,395 USD

Re-Applicant Review

Re-Applicant Review is designed for candidates who previously submitted unsuccessful applications and are considering re-applying to MBA  programs. Your TAAG advisor will thoroughly review and critically assess one-to-three MBA applications that you previously submitted, and offer actionable feedback to help you develop an effective strategy for future MBA applications.

Re-Applicant Review fees for 2024-2025 are:

  • One School: $895 USD
  • Two Schools: $1,295 USD
  • Three Schools: $1,595 USD